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Message from our Ride Coordinator July 2018


Hope you are all well..

Please take a look over our Ride Calendar for upcoming events. We have a jammed pack 6 months of rides/events.

Remember this is your Club, & can only be as good as our members are willing to put in.

This month, we have a Mystery ride, Overnighter to Stanthorpe, a ride to Gympie & a Social night at Waffles. Also Terry is hosting a MLM Walk (Total 30kl) at the Gold Coast. Terry will be at the meeting on Tuesday night with all the info.

We are no longer adding members addresses for our social night events to our newsletter or Web/Facebook page. We will however put the members name & contact number, so will be up to you to make contact with the member for their address. We will continue to send the address via text message, (as we do now) for rides/events which you should receive on the Friday night Saturday, so please ensure we have your mobile number. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

You will notice this has now been added to the Ride Calendar-

Level 1 – Easy Ride

Level 2 – Moderate (Novice riders should be able to handle this ride)

Level 3 – Difficult (More experienced riders)


Thank you to our members who have raised their hands for Ride Leaders, TEC, or opened their houses for social nights. It is muchly appreciated!! I also realise with work commitments, family life etc, it is very hard to support all events…

If you have nominated yourself for an overnighter ride, please make sure (in advance) you have checked accommodation is available for this date, as well as noted stop points for the ride. We would like to have all the information on our ride calendar, so our members can plan as early as possible.

Should you wish to cancel a ride at any time (for whatever reason) would you kindly make sure you let me know ASAP, so our members can be notified via our various channels Please check Ride Calendar, Facebook page or Website for more details on ride events, or call me on 0407 842242.

Until next month….Take care & keep smiling

Honorine “Staples” #61416

Ph: 0407 842 242

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