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If you are interested in joining our club, or perhaps you want to come along on a ride, we would love to hear from you.

Pop through an enquiry and we will contact you shortly.

Contact Ulysses Club Inc. 

Membership to Ulysses Club covers all branches in Australia and is organised via our head office. 

You can become a member if you are 40 years or over and hold a valid motorcycle licence. 

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Meet Our Committee Members


David Dawson (Splat)

0418 108 195


Julie Iriwn (Pony)

0408 750 032


Donna Kent (Highbeam)

0414 963 744

Quarter Master & Committee

Paul Jones (Feathers)

0437 210 908

Ride Coordinator & Committee

Lisa Butler (Cackles)

0419 707 995

Webmaster / Editor & Committee

Brett Butler

0213 233 813

Membership & Welfare Officer

Brian Stephens (Waffles)

0419 783 364

Committee Member

Karen Scheuber (Happy Feet)

Committee Member

John Ross (Smokey)

Committee Member

Lynette Fry (Princess)

Committee Member

Carolina Pashely (Chilli)


David Pashley (Popeye)

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