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Presidents Report June 2018

Hi All, my last report I sent our Editor is still floating around somewhere in the cyber world so hopefully this one will make it??????????

OH Good!!! I must have done something right.

I must give a big shout out to our members who open their homes to hold our social evenings and event (ANZAC Day breakfast) during the year. They are a great way to get to know your fellow members and have a good time as there is not enough time to catch up mat our monthly meetings etc.

The last social was held at Wayne FUKRWE and Debbie Blush Battle’s home also incorporated a Ride Committee meeting which has given us a pretty full ride calendar for the rest of the year including Socials, overnighters for the rest of the year. Well do to all who put their hands up to lead a ride/s and social evenings.

We have included some rides, still to be arranged with other branches which will be interesting and a great way of meeting and getting to know our fellow branches.

The nanny state is looking after us again. I received the following link regarding the testing of Motorcycle exhaust system to ensure they are not too noisy, it is to say the least interesting reading. One can only take this as targeting motorbike riders yet again, and yes there are those who will agree with it and those who won’t. I will leave it up to you to decide but it does give you the information on how this test is carried out etc. should you come across one of the random test sites.

I don’t recall any random testing sites for motor vehicles springing up? Surely that happens Right?

Ipswich Branch as you may know have invited us to be part of their Red Faces evening, which we have accepted, and I can assure you our dedicated team of professionals are training hard and honing their skills. There is no cost involved only dinner and drinks if you wish. See the Ride Calendar for details and come along for a fun evening.

The Toy Run Committee will be meeting this month to kick off the organising for this year so stay tuned for updates and thanks in advance to them for giving up their time.

Stay Safe and upright till next we meet.


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