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Mystery Ride May 2018

May I just say up front - winning the jackpot is a great feeling and alway a surprise to the one who wins. It is now well known that the person who wins the jackpot is obligated and expected to complete the ride report for that ride. Understood and accepted. We all know that if the ride report is not completed by the winner of the jackpot their fine will be the cost of the post, whatever that nice little amount may come to.

In saying that I was lucky enough to with the ride jackpot for the mystery ride. I think it totalled about $15.00. Needless to say that was a strong incentive to complete the ride report.

I had received an offer from someone on the ride, whom shall stay nameless, in case there are some underlying reasons why the offer to do the ride report for the cost of a gold coin (being $1.00) and I had accepted their offer and paid my $1.00.

For some reason, and I am not yet aware of why, it had been mentioned several times since then that riders were looking forward to the ride report. May I just say that I felt obligated to do this report in case there are repercussions of a HUGE fine on meeting night for not completing it. Therefore, I accept that I won the jackpot and am nominated by default to complete a ride report.

It started off with a beautiful cool but pleasant and sunny morning to go one a ride to someone in our great south east.

Good number of bikes/riders had arrived and the leaving time was to be 9.00am. Being a relaxed Sunday morning and being so caring and understanding as we members of the Ulysses are there was a small issue. This issue was a battery on Waffles bike that did not want to start. RAC Q were called and needless to say they did not carry bike batteries and it was decided that RACQ were no longer required. Therefore our trusty ride leader "Stoney" took on the task of taking "Waffles" to the battery shop to buy and new one.

Finally on our way with a hint of heading in the direction of Aratula for a quick 20 minute toilet/smoke/coffee stop.

Time to head to our next destination and blow me down with a feather but "Waffles" bike did not want to start yet again. Popeye and Stoney decided to give him a push start and with a second attempt the bike was running and we were on our way.

No sooner were we over the hill and half of the bikes didn't appear. "Waffles" ??? again. His bike had stopped completely. Jethro and Coco headed back over the hill to investigate. Communications taking place it had been decided that we would wait until Waffles had made contact with RACQ once again and we knew he would be okay that we heading out to complete the unknown journey.

Guessing games started. Would be stop at Boonah. No we headed over Cunningham's Gap. Were we stopping in Warwick. No we headed through and out of town. Well my guess was wrong, Happy Feet just giggled because she apparently knew where we were headed and Coco, well OMG she just DIDN'T CARE. Lol Coco, after your last ride out I guess you and Jethro were just hoping that you were both just actually going to get some lunch this time.

We rode out of town and along the outskirts of Warwick and with a quick right, left and right, I think that's how it was, we saw in the distance a little white building which was brilliantly glowing in the midday sun. Spectacular for this quaint little pub in the middle of nowhere looking so inviting.

We virtually had the place to ourselves and with prior arrangements made by our trusty ride leader Stoney we had our own outdoor BBQ area. Lunches were very nice and reasonably priced. Quiet setting with no traffic apart from a few locals with a cool breeze in the shade and warmth in the sun. Just one warning though. Be careful of the metal ramp that comes out of the pub to the BBQ area because as Happyfeet had mentioned several times that it was slippery and it was hard to hold onto drinks along with trying to hold onto the rail to support yourself.

Stopped on the northern side of Warwick for a fuel stop and an ice-cream for those who chose to have one, said our goodbyes and heading home as the sun was setting.

What a beautiful relaxing day for a ride with the best bunch of family and friends. That makes everything worth while.

So don't be shy, don't be slack, put some time aside for some pleasant hours on your ride of freedom and enjoy your closest friends and those who class as family and get out there and RIDE.

Until my next pot of gold that I win.

Yours truly

Carolina Pashley


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