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Rick's Garage

Another awesome day with great company.

The usual meet and greet at Brown Stains. Coffee up and sunscreen on. Twelve steeds left that morning for an adventure into the Sunny Coast Hinterland.

I first expected to travel around the Dam district but as it turns out we were headed for the BP Caboolture to pick up Thunder and Staples. We arrived a little late due to road works and an accident to find ourselves short one Thunder and one Staples.

Turns out they messaged Chuckles the day before to advise they weren’t attending the days ride. Lol

Chuckles reiterated that we should text him on weekends as he doesn’t do phones on weekends, fair enough too.

Toilet breaks concluded and we are off to Woodford for smoko. The usual Pastries and refreshment were enjoyed by all. Shortish break at Woodford as we were chasing time due to the road works earlier. As evidenced by this report it was myself that took out the ride pool. Cheers…..

To make up time we headed up the main road to Rick’s Garage. We managed to make up a bit of time and once the usual dishevelment with regard to securing a park was complete we settled in to a relaxing lunch. Rick’s Garage is a very popular destination and is always at capacity. Despite being extremely busy, the staff managed to deliver meals relatively quickly.

With full bellies and empty bladders, we headed up the hill for the more scenic run home. Close to ideal riding conditions were enjoyed for the day, not too hot.

It seemed like we were chasing time still and a couple of our less fortunate members had to report for work early in the evening. The decision was taken to head East bound for the Bruce Highway to expediate the trip home. Despite the ride being a little shorter than planned it was a very full day of riding and I’m sure there were one or two sore posteriors on arrival at home.

Big shout out to Chuckles as he pulled off another great lead and to our intrepid (and regular) tail end Charlie, Bike Owner, sorry, Bike Rider, thanks again for looking at our rears.

As our club Prezzo and Sheriff wasn’t in attendance on the day I think we might be fine free for the day. Fingers crossed.

Thank you to those who attended on the day, you guy’s make it a pleasure to be out and about. Here’s looking forward to the next adventure.


Jethro and Coco.

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