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Wongaburra Nursing Home

The 3rd June dawned a bright day with a little wind but 8 bike riders wouldn’t let that deter them as we headed off to Beaudesert for the Annual Wongaburra Old Folks ride. For those new to the club and are unaware of what happens on this ride, the Old Folks on Wongaburra have waited expectedly for 12 months as this is the highlight of their year.

We get to take the old diggers and ladies around the complex at Wongaburra Nursing Home. It puts such a smile on their faces and I’m told by management that in a lot of cases, it perks the health of these folks up immensely.

First, as per usual, on the ride list was Barry or Baz. He was permitted to go out on the open road for a ride with Digit. This is not normally allowed but with a waiver letter from the family and after a few tears from Baz, he was gone for about 20 mins. The beaming smile of his face is a sight to bring a felling to one’s heart that is hard to forget. It makes what we do, all worthwhile.

Meanwhile back at the ranch (hehehe), Chuckles, Popeye and myself were taking other residents around the complex. One of the residents wanted to take all of the riders home with her (Popeye was tempted).

The old folks home held a market day in conjunction with the ride day. Heather and her band of cohorts raised about $1,000 by Friday night which was a great outcome all round.

Firstly, I would like to personally thank the guys and gals who took time out of their life to make this event so popular with these old folks. Secondly, a big thank you to Heather, of Wongaburra, and residents who made our day special.

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